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What is Healthy Habits

-The Healthy Habits Program uses components of the Performance Triad to promote sleep, activity and nutrition among Army family members in order to improve health and wellness.

-As an Army family member your day is filled with many responsibilities that often limit the time you have to work on your own health and wellness goals.  Eating healthy meals, being physcially active throughout the day and getting quality sleep at night can help you manage your busy lifestyle.

-Because you are the heart of the Army family your personal health is important to us.  The Healthy Habits Program offers you the support and education you need to reach your personal wellness goals.


Features of the Healthy Habits Program:


  • PCM Access- At least two visits with your PCM dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle habits, discussing ways to help prevent chronic disease, focusing on your goals and discussing available resources to help you reach your goals.
  • Nutrition Care- Good Nutrition habits help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent certain health conditions (like Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes), and boost your chances of living a longer life.
  • Army Wellness Center for Adults- Army Wellness Centers are a key enabler of the Performance Triad and provide Sleep Education, Weight Management and Metabolic Testing, Exercise Testing, Stress Management Education with Biofeedback, Nutrition Education, Wellness Coaching, Body Composition Analysis and Health Assessments.
  • Be Fit Forever (BFF) Clinic for Pediatric Patients- BFF Clinic helps our pediatric patients learn the basic tools to begin making healthy lifestyle changes and how to incorporate these changes into their every day life.
  • Behavior Health Services- The Behavioral Health Provider can help you become more aware of the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors by assisting you to develop healthy behaviors or change current behaviors by assisting you to develop healthy behaviors or change current behaviors that interfere with overall health and well-being.  These providers can address a multitude of issues to include but not limited to stress management, depression/anxiety, chronic pain, sleep problems, fatigue, smoking, overeating, and/or relationship issues.

Please let your PCM know if you are interested in the Healthy Habits Program and which service will assist you in meeting your goals.