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The Scoop on Nicotine Cessation
The four-week program combines cessation counseling and medication (for those who want medication)

 Within 24 hours of quitting, blood pressure and pulse rate will start to return to normal.

 In five to fifteen years, your risk of stroke for ex-smokers returns to that for non-smokers;

Program provides an organized process for quitting success  After one month, you will have fewer respiratory symptoms;  Former smokers have better health status then current smokers;
Program supports research demonstrating that although nicotine cessation counseling and nicotine cessation medication are effective, the combination is more effective than either alone  After one year, your risk of heart disease (from smoking) is reduced by half;  Non-smokers and ex-smokers are good role models for their children;
After completion of the 4-week program, participants are welcome to attend any program session  After ten years, your risk of lung cancer drops to as much as half that of current smokers;  Other benefits include improved sense of smell and taste, breath and more money


Important Things To Keep In Mind When You Quit
Think of the negatives of returning to tobacco use.
Avoid tobacco use situations or triggers
Learn alternative ways of managing high-risk tobacco use situations.
You are breaking old habits and developing new ones.
Picture yourself as a non-tobacco user.


Additional Support:
Cessation Nation
Freedom Quitline: 844-I-AM-FREE (844) 426-3733
QUIT-NOW: 800-784-8669

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