Exceptional Family Member Program

The Exceptional Family Member Program serves military families by coordinating with other military and civilian agencies to provide medical, dental, mental health, developmental, educational and community support to families with special needs.  It can also assist with housing, adaptive equipment, assistive technology devices and wheelchair accessibility.  These services are facilitated by the Medical EFMP office at Winn ACH, Bldg 302, and the Army Community Services EFMP Office, Bldg 81.  New and updated enrollments, disenrollments and enrollment questions for medical and educational needs are serviced by the Medical EFMP office.

The EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program for service members with qualifying family members.  All branches of the military have EFMP and use the same enrollment process.  Enrollment in the EFMP ensures maximum provision of services to the family throughout the sponsor's career.

The goal is to have the service member work and live in the community that can accommodate his or her family members's special medical or educational needs.

Exceptional Family Members may be children or adults with any physical, developmental, intellectual or emotional disorder that requires special treatment, education, training therapy or counseling.  Enrollment is required immediately upon diagnosis or identification of a special need.

Enrollment in EFMP is permanent unless the family member no longer needs medical or special education or the service member is separated from the military.  Service members are responsible for keeping the medical/special education needs documentation current and update every three years or sooner when there is a significant change in the needs of that individual.  No notice for updating will be issued from an EFMP office.

Service members who are dual active duty must both enroll in EFMP when a family member qualifies.  This is to ensure that the assignment manager of each sponsor considers the family's special needs.

The service member's participation in the program will not adversely affect selection for promotions, schools or assignments.  Commanders will take appropriate action against service members who knowingly provide false information or willfully disregard the three-year requirement to update the exceptional family member's condition.

Serving Army Family Members Located in the Following Areas:

  • Ft Stewart, GA
  • Hunter AAF, GA
  • Southeast Georgia
  • Northern Florida
  • Jacksonville NAS, FL
  • MacDill AFB, FL
  • Patrick AFB, FL
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